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Our program focuses on four of the Jim Case Youth Opportunities Initiatives- permanence, educational attainment and economic security, stable housing and support for young parents. According to the Jim Casey initiatives, these areas are interconnected and critical components to ensuring that all young people transitioning from foster care have the relationships, resources and opportunities to ensure well-being and success. The best age-appropriate opportunities can help develop an adolescents brain. The Sachs Foundation, Inc will help our youth in care process losses, trauma and stress as they pursue new opportunities.

The Sachs Foundation, Inc encourages transformation while helping to repair and restore. Our participants will be youth in foster care, ages 16-17, as well as college students. The organization provides our youth a foundation in self-empowerment through various programs focused on Preparing for Post-Secondary Education and/or Training, Turning Dreams into Reality, Public speaking, Teamwork, Overcoming Pain, Supporting Young Parent, Promoting Safe and Secure Housing, and Giving back to the community.

The Sachs Foundation, Inc provides the following programs:

Dreams into Reality: "Living Your Dreams Program"

This program encourages each child to stay focused and committed to the success of their dreams. Participants are encouraged to write out goals and how they will achieve their dreams. It is not enough for our youth in foster care to have a dream, but through this program, we put a plan in place to achieve their dream. During this program youth are encouraged to be leaders. This program is also designed to help our youth identify their talent and use it to their greatest ability. Through various exercises, each participant will understand the importance of utilizing all the talent they have. This vision empowerment program includes creation of a vision board.

Speaking with confidence

This program encourages our youth to overcome their fears. During this course each participant is inspired to speak positive affirmations pertaining to their lives. The affirmations the youth select will encourage them to think positive and speak positively about their lives. We educate youth on how to speak in public and various leadership skills by using resources that demonstrate great listening and thinking skills.

Teamwork Program

Our Teamwork Program is designed to teach each youth how to work collaboratively with a group of people to achieve a goal. Through various activities, youth must cooperate using their individual skills and providing constructive feedback despite any personal conflict between each other.

Standing Program

Our Still Standing Program acknowledges the struggles and challenges our youth experienced or may be experiencing. These hurts could have been experienced in school or within their family. We aspire through this program to help strengthen our youth emotionally that he or she may be stronger than they were before. During this course we also acknowledge peer pressure and bullying in school and discuss how to handle uncomfortable situations. This program encourages youth to walk in confidence, boldness and their God given power.

Community Outreach Program

Our community Outreach Program is designed for the youth of the Sachs Foundation Inc to give back to those less fortunate. We inspire youth to help others even though they are being helped. During this program, youth create care packages to give to the homeless. We also prepare gifts for those that may be sick or in the hospital. Our participants serve as awesome inspiration to those in need of a word of encouragement.

Mentoring Program

Mentoring involves tutoring, life skill training, and coaching. It is designed to encourage and support long standing relationship between adult role models and youth ages 16-21 in foster care. Our mentors help our youth succeed academically and maintain critical connections to teachers. They work with child welfare and schools to ensure all provisions of Every Student Succeeds Acts is being provided adequately. The mentors assigned to each youth will help them prepare for post-secondary education and/or training while they are in high school. They will connect youth with workforce resources and professional from diverse careers that allow them to build relationships, and develop soft skills. They will help them find their first job, that give them the opportunity to learn about earning their own money, and the knowledge on how to budget and save their money.

Young Parents Program

We provide support in helping young parents learn critical parenting skills.  We provide support in healthy development of pregnant teens, young parents and their children. We ensure that the fathers are included in the upbringing of the baby, contribute financially and participate in decision making. We assist with finding affordable child care providers to allow our young parents to continue to make progress toward their educational and employment goals.

Promoting Safe and Secure Housing

We help youth who are aging out of foster care with finding safe and affordable housing. We will aid with what to look for when finding new housing, and how to secure and maintain housing. We will help them develop plans for their housing, with short and long-term goals. We will develop vision boards that will help them think ahead and plan out what they want, how they will get there.  We will talk to our youth about their rights and responsibilities as a tenant, and connect them with advocates who can support them if they experience any housing discrimination. We will have information sessions on how to budget for significant purchases, pay bills and keep track of important documents.




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